What’s the Best Way to Display a Vinyl Record Collection in a Music Room?

Art and music intertwine in the most captivating manner, especially when it comes to displaying vinyl records. These nostalgic pieces of music history are not only sonically pleasing but are visually engaging too. Their vintage aesthetic and vibrant cover art make them an excellent decorative element in your music room. But the challenge lies in displaying them without causing any damage, while saving space, and creating an attractive visual. Let’s look into the best ways to showcase your favourite vinyl albums, considering their storage and display aspects.

The Art of Vinyl Record Display

Vinyl records, with their intricate cover art, can be a unique decorative element in your music room. But how can you do it right? Let’s find out.

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Wall Display

While you might think that walls are for pictures and paintings, vinyl records can make a great alternative. Framed records on a wall can add a vintage touch to the room and provide an interesting visual experience for any visitor. Using vinyl record frames, you can hang your records on the wall without damaging them.

The frames can be opened easily, allowing you to play your records anytime you want. Make sure you use frames with UV protective glass to protect your records from sunlight damage. Keep in mind, however, that not every record should be displayed in this way. Reserve your wall space for your most prized records or those with the most visually striking covers.

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Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are another great way to display vinyl records. These shelves are designed to show off the album cover art, giving you a dynamic and changeable wall of images. With floating shelves, you can easily switch the displayed records, making your wall a constantly evolving art display.

On the practical side, these shelves also offer convenient storage for your records. However, remember to not overload the shelves. Excess weight might damage your records or cause the shelves to collapse.

Best Practices for Vinyl Record Storage

Proper storage is just as important as display when it comes to vinyl records. Here are some tips on how to best store your records to ensure their longevity.

Vertical Storage

Records should always be stored vertically. Stacking them horizontally can lead to warping and other types of damage over time. Use sturdy shelves or crates to store your records upright.

Avoid Heat and Sunlight

Heat and sunlight are two major enemies of vinyl records. They can cause warping and fading, among other problems. Therefore, it’s best to store your records in a cool, dark place. If your room gets a lot of sunlight, make sure your records are not directly exposed to it.

Sleeves and Outer Covers

Vinyl records should be kept in protective sleeves when not on display. These sleeves will protect the vinyl from dust and scratches. It’s also a good idea to use outer covers for albums, especially those with valuable or delicate sleeves.

Create a Dedicated Space for Your Vinyl Collection

Creating a dedicated place for your albums in your music room is crucial. This space should not only serve as a storage area for your records but also as a place where you can enjoy your music.

A dedicated vinyl corner or a record player stand with built-in storage could be ideal. This setup allows you to store your records in the vicinity of your record player. It also gives you an easy way to flip through your records and choose what to play next.

Ensure that this space is well-organized. Make use of dividers and alphabetical or genre-based categorization for easy navigation. A well-organized vinyl space will not only make it easier for you to find the record you want to play but will also add to the overall aesthetics of your music room.


Whether it’s about showcasing the beautiful art covers or ensuring your vinyl records’ longevity, there are various ways you can display and store your records in a music room. The important thing is to remember that your records are pieces of art, both musically and visually. So, go ahead and create a visually appealing and musically rich space for your favorite vinyl albums.

Utilizing Props and Furniture for Vinyl Record Display

Another unique and innovative way to display vinyl records is through the use of record props and furniture specifically designed for vinyl storage. Here’s how.

Record Props

Record props are small stands that allow you to display your vinyl records in an elegant and stylish manner. These props are designed to hold the records in such a way that the album covers are clearly visible.

The advantage of using record props is that they provide a quick view of your record collection. You can place them on tables, shelves, or any flat surface. They can hold the records upright, making them a great option for showcasing album covers. They are also ideal for displaying records that you’re currently playing or records that you plan on listening to soon.

Ensure that the props are sturdy enough to hold your records without causing any kind of damage. It’s also a good idea to place them away from areas of high traffic to avoid accidental knocking over.

Furniture for Vinyl Record Storage

Furniture with built-in vinyl storage has become a popular choice among vinyl enthusiasts. These include cabinets, crates, and even coffee tables with sections designed to hold vinyl records.

Record shelves and cabinets allow you to store a significant number of records, with easy access for playing. They also have a vintage charm that adds to the aesthetic of your music room.

If you have a vast record collection, consider investing in a large piece of furniture for vinyl storage. Be sure to check the weight capacity of any piece of furniture to ensure it can safely hold your collection.

Vinyl Record Care and Maintenance

Maintaining your vinyl records is extremely important to preserve their quality. Here are some crucial tips on caring for your records.

Use of Inner Sleeves

It’s important to use inner sleeves when storing your vinyl records. These sleeves protect the vinyl from dust and scratches. They should be clean and free from static, which can attract dust.

Inner sleeves made from polyethylene are a good choice, as they don’t scratch the records like paper sleeves can. Some vinyl enthusiasts also recommend anti-static sleeves, which help to reduce dust attraction.

Clean Your Records Regularly

Even when stored properly, your records can attract dust and dirt. As such, it’s essential to clean your records regularly.

Use a record cleaner designed specifically for vinyl records. Do not use household cleaners, as they may contain chemicals that can damage the records. Cleaning your records not only preserves their sound quality but helps to extend their lifespan as well.

Handle With Care

Vinyl records should always be handled with care. When removing them from their sleeves, hold them by the edges or label to avoid touching the grooves. This can help prevent scratches and other damages.


Your vinyl record collection is a valuable treasure that deserves the best display and storage. Whether you use wall art, floating shelves, record props, or specially designed furniture, there are so many ways to display your favorite albums.

However, it’s equally important to care for your records. Proper storage, regular cleaning, and careful handling will ensure that your records remain in excellent condition for years to come.

Remember, your records are more than just music; they’re pieces of art. Give them the showcase they deserve in your music room. As you spin your favorite tunes, you’ll not only delight in the music but also in the visual appeal of your well-displayed vinyl collection.