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Doula Philadelphia is the best doula agency in our community. We have a variety of packages and doula services to meet any expectant mother’s needs. Call us today so we can talk about how we can help you fulfill all your needs!

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Welcome To Doula Philadelphia

Have you been feeling overwhelmed as an expectant mother? Is this your first child, and you aren't sure where to start? We understand how becoming pregnant and having all these decisions to face can take one's breath away! We are here to help you get through those moments.

The ones where you feel like you have too much going on to handle on your own. We have the best doulas to help you feel supported and collected. Doula Philadelphia, PA will exceed all your expectations, and we are excited to show that to you. Not only does our agency have prenatal doulas, but we also have birth doulas, postpartum doulas and death doulas, (end of life doula care).

Why Choose Doula Philadelphia

Doula Philadelphia values that our mothers and their families feel the most prepared they can for a newborn baby coming into their life! It is such an exciting time to go through with your family, and we want to find a doula that helps you get through it, in the best way possible. It's our mission that our mothers are the most prepared, the happiest, and the healthiest mothers they can be.

Our company is the best in the city and the surrounding areas, because we train them to be the best in their field. Our doulas are ready for any unplanned events that may occur, and you can rest assured they will handle them to the best of their abilities.

We know there are many options to consider when finding a doula near you. Let us be the one to tell you that google searching “doulas near me” is not going to help you find what you need. We are here to help you find a doula that meets all your needs, and that will exceed all your expectations! We can guarantee it!

Let us help you find that doula, instead of a search engine searching for “doula services near me”. Philadelphia Doula is the right choice if you are looking for someone who is reliable, knowledgeable, trustworthy and supportive.

It's important to us that:

  • Our mothers feel prepared for their big day, as well as their partner
  • That our mothers feel well emotionally, mentally and physically for labor, and after
  • Keep both the baby’s health and mothers in mind
  • Give never ending support to whatever decisions the mother decides to make for her and her baby
  • That our families feel advised and educated in their decisions
  • That we are the best in all our services we offer

We have been able to help many mothers and families through the years we have been here. It’s been a pleasure for us to help so many mothers through their pregnancies and after, and we are ready to do the same with you!

Call us today so we can get started with what you need help with! We can discuss what your needs are, what pricing you are comfortable with and we can even give you a free estimate today!

What To Expect From Doula Philadelphia

We maintain a high standard of care here at Doula Philadelphia. We hold a high standard for our doulas to keep when it comes to taking care of a mother and her newborn. We understand that mothers want what's best for their family and we guarantee that's what we will give them! The best care, the best advice, the best techniques and positions for pain management, and overall you will know we want what is best for you.

Our mothers that we have had the honor of helping know this, and have felt this through working with us. If you contact us today we can get started on assisting you through this journey today! We would love to talk one on one and work around your schedule to find a time to chat.

We will send a doula your way, wherever you want to meet, and you will have the time to see if you feel comfortable with the doula you have met. If this isn't the case, we are happy to pair you with another doula, and so on until we find what works for you!

Our Services

Doula Philadelphia offers multiple packages that we would love to talk through with you! We want to make sure that our mothers are offered all the services they need, even ones they haven't considered yet. We don't want you to ever question what does a doula do, but what can't a doula do for me?

philadelphia prenatal doula

Prenatal Doula

  • Our doulas are ready to start planning your birth plan

  • Available any time of the day or night to answer your questions or concerns

  • Ready to teach you different techniques and positions to help you relax and prepare yourself for labor

  • There to help the mother, and any immediate family prepare themselves mentally and emotionally as well as physically for a newborn to come home

  • There to support and advise you in all your decisions
philadelphia birth doula

Birth Doula

  • Will be there to support you during your labor in person

  • Will remind you of different techniques pre taught for relaxation and comfort

  • Will help with pain management ith holistic techniques

  • Able to give your plus one a break if necessary

  • Available to check on any additional kids

  • Able to offer new positions and techniques to induce labor

  • Able to capture any pictures you were hoping to get of the big day
philadelphia postpartum doula

Postpartum Doula Philadelphia

  • There to help the family transition into newborn life

  • Able to help the mom stay emotionally, mentally and physically stable

  • Ready to help with newborn sleep scheduling

  • Able to help with light cleaning and errand running

  • Available to help take care of any additional children

  • Trained to help with meal prep

  • Knows the in and outs of how to help with postpartum depression

About Philadelphia

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has a population that runs around 6 million people. It’s economy is primarily based on a knowledge based economy, most of the residents are employed in education, social services and health!

A perfect place to visit if you are a history buff, there are many sites to attract you over! Independence Hall, the liberty bell, or other american revolutionary sites! And if you are looking for a bite to eat, we recommend you try the city’s famous Philly Cheesesteaks!!

  • Camden, NJ
  • Pennsauken, NJ
  • Collingswood, NJ
  • Gloucester City, NJ
  • Yeadon, PA
  • All Surrounding Areas..


“How much is a doula?”

A common question to ask, how much does a doula cost? Doula prices can vary and we would love to talk to you today to give you a free estimate and walk through our packages!

“Is a postpartum doula and postnatal the same thing?”

Yes they are! Postpartum/postnatal doula are for after the birth of your baby! The aftermath of birth can be difficult, not only for you but also your family! We're here to help with that transition.

“Can you explain doula vs.midwife?”

A doula does not have any medical responsibilities, our doulas sole purpose is to support and help the mother through holistic techniques. We make our mothers the number one priority as we have no other patients to care for! It's a perfect way for the other to have that constant support they need

“what's a doula?”

A doula is a trained professional aid for an expecting mother! Our doulas are trained to help you make your birth plan, to go through labor in the easiest way possible for you, and to learn feeding techniques and sleep scheduling after your baby is born and is back home!

“Can I only have a home birth with a doula?”

No! As the mother, you are able to make the decisions that you want and feel comfortable with. If you are hoping for an intimate at home birth, or more of a structured environment of the hospital, we are here for you!

“How can I find the best birth and postpartum doula near me?

We are here to help you with what you need! All we need from you is that you contact us today so we can start to get to know you and we can find the perfect fit doula for your needs. We have many doulas who are the best at their job, and we are willing to have you meet with as many as you need until you find one that you are happy with!

“Is my doula taking the place of my husband at my birth?”

No! On the contrary, your husband gets to play the husband role even better when you have a doula! A husband is a constant support and love, that can stay right by your bedside through it all as your doula runs back and forth fulfilling your needs!

"I had a hard time trying to find doula prices and figure them out for myself when I first started looking into how to find a doula near me. I can say though that doula philadelphia cost was the best, and worth every penny on my big day. If I had to do it again, I would go through this agency again "

Amber l

"Lauren was the best doula in the world, I swear. She was thoughtful and considerate and answered all the questions to ask a doula that I could think of. I am so glad I went for it and decided to meet up with her. She was everything I could have hoped for on my big day, and more!!"

lydia s

"If I ever decide to have another kid, I will have Megan my doula there no matter what. Not only was she dependable at any time of the day to calm a very anxious mother, but she showed up the day of labor so happy and not at all nervous like me and boy did it sure change the whole tone for me. I needed that happy, positive energy and she sure brought it. Every time I saw her."

mikayla f

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Doula Philadelphia is everything you are looking for for you and your family, and more. We know this to be the truth because time and time again we have helped many families go through the journey of birth and come out the otherside on top! Contact us today so we can get started on what you need now, don't hesitate to call us to learn more or get a free estimate. We are only here to help! We are only here to help, in any way we can and in any way you need!

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